ALGIERS, DECEMBER 8 – The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, and the Algerian President, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, currently on a visit to Berlin, have decided to create a joint economic commission, in particular aimed at developing renewable energy sources as part of the Desertec project. ”We will work on renewable energy sources,” said Bouteflika, quoted by El Watan online, ”through a giant project that is called Desertec which we will develop by mutual consent.” Algeria had repeatedly expressed perplexities over Desertec, announcing that he had an even more ambitious project for the development of renewable energy sources planned. The Algerian daily newspaper reports that during his visit, Bouteflika insisted on the importance of the project, launched by several German companies, which aims to satisfy 15% of European electrical consumption by 2050, thanks to solar power from the deserts of North Africa and the Middle East. Amongst the reservations expressed in the past by the Algerian Energy Minister, Youssef Sifi, are doubts over the ”sovereignty of the territory, given that the installations will be the property of foreign countries,” but also over the duration of the project considered to be too long.


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