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Invensys Operations Management, a global provider of technology systems, software solutions and consulting services to the manufacturing and infrastructure operations industries, signed an agreement today with Algiers-based North African Automation (NAA), a specialist supplier of control and control-related equipment.

Expanding Invensys Operations Management’s presence in Algeria is an important part of the company’s regional strategic plan. As a major exporter of crude oil, piped natural gas, LNG and petroleum products, Algeria is fundamental to world oil and gas markets, and it accounts for one-quarter of EU gas imports.

Approximately 90% of the nation’s crude oil exports go to Western Europe, with Italy as the main market, followed by Germany and France. NAA has been a key player in developing and promoting control equipment in West Africa for the last 30 years. Today it supports a large installed base of process automation systems, drawing on experience from across Africa.

“Invensys Operations Management wants to accelerate its growth Algeria,” said Mohamed Hales, general manager, Invensys Operations Management, Algeria. “The choice to partner with NAA was based on several factors, notably its management’s long and successful experience in West Africa; its oil, gas and petrochemical experience; its proven record of success; and its financial strength. NAA’s management has worked with all the major oil and gas companies in Angola, Nigeria and, more recently, Algeria. This expertise and knowledge will be a great benefit to us as we collaborate with them to deliver operational excellence to our clients in this important and growing region.”

“Together we will jointly develop the Algerian market by using NAA’s local organization, supported by our broad portfolio, global operations and infrastructure. Our main focus will be to address emerging industries that are new to the Invensys portfolio in Africa, including life sciences, wastewater, water distribution and steel manufacturing,” Hales added.

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