Prospection mission to Moroccan renewable energy market   Leave a comment

Morocco, Casablanca,
From 01-17-2011 to 01-21-2011
Strengthen energy independence, reduce the oil bill, fight against global warming have led Morocco to develop an energy plan presented at the Assizes of Energy in March 2009. It confirms the commitment of countries in renewable energy, particularly solar and wind, which from 2015 will be the second source of electricity after coal. 2020 is the deadline that binds Morocco … Ten years to achieve energy savings of 12% and provide a quarter of domestic energy production with renewable energies.

Morocco has an enabling environment for the implementation of renewable energy, through solar rate and wind speed very favorable.
A growing sector which offers opportunities with, among others, projects such as EnergiPro for wind and solar energy and MASEN program for cities as Ouarzazate, Ain Beni Mathar, Laayoune, Boujdour and Tarfaya. In November 2009, Morocco presented its Solar Plan with an investment of 70 billion dirhams (about 7 billion euros).



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