Fish production falls to 69 percent in 2010 in Algeria   Leave a comment

Fish national production decreased by more than 69.5 percent in 2010 while Algerian people consume less than 4 kilograms of this necessary product per year because of its high price, figures show.




    The National Federation for Fishing sounded the alarm about the catastrophic situation of the fishing sector in the last few years due to the absence of control and non implementation of law.

    The federation’s chef Hassan Ballout told Echorouk fish national production went down by 69.5 percent in 2010 compared to the last years. It decreased to 130,000 tons in 2010 from 187,000 in 2009.

    “It is illogical and unbelievable. Algeria has large coasts in 14 provinces. There are four fishing places and all the necessary means are present,” he added.

    Algerian people can not consume more than 4 kilograms of fish per year because of its high price. Bands are monopolising fish markets and they do not have commercial registers.

    Ballout said the commerce and fishing ministries do not control the market. “There are several laws which organise fishing sector but fishermen do not respect them as there is no control.”

    He also said some fishermen violate the law as the fish in banned areas and they use explosives.



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