Renewable Energy: Algeria will invest 60 billion dollars by 2030   Leave a comment

9/02/2011 : Algeria will invest about 60 billion dollars by 2030 to expand production of renewable energy, announced Tuesday the CEO of Algerian public Sonelgaz, Noureddine Boutarfa.

This amount, which could even reach 70 billion dollars, will be devoted solely to the production of 12,000 MW of solar electricity for the domestic market, said Boutarfa, quoted by APS.

Sonelgaz Algerian public electricity and gas group was charged with the implementation of this program and is already planning to reach 650 MW of electricity from alternative energy in 2015.

It also has to bring this production to 2,700 MW by 2020 and 12,000 MW in 2030, said the leader of Sonelgaz.

A subsidiary of Sonelgaz, the Company’s engineering and Gas (CEEG), has chosen the German Centrotherm group specializing in the photovoltaic industry, to build a solar panel plant in Algeria for nearly 300 million euros.

The plant, the first of its kind in Africa by Sonelgaz will be located in Rouiba, a suburb east of Algiers.




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