EU’s contribution to projects in Morocco amounted to 1.8 billion dirhams in 2010, European diplomat says   Leave a comment

25/02/2011: Casablanca – The EU’s contribution to the large-scale projects in Morocco, that have benefited the Moroccan citizens, amounted to 1.8 billion dirhams in 2010, said Thursday in Casablanca head of the EU’s delegation in Rabat, Ambassador Eneko Landaburu.

Landaburu said that this support has benefited the major reforms in Morocco in many fields, adding that many crucial projects have been launched as part of bilateral cooperation, including solidarity-based agriculture, the opening up of the rural areas and the fight against illetracy, pollution and poverty.

A new 2-billion dirham cooperation programme for the period of 2011-2013 was inked in July 2010, he reacalled, underlining that Morocco remains among the neighbouring countries which have benefited much from financial support.

He also highlighted that bilateral cooperation is positive noting that the two parties made great progress in terms of political dialogue and consultations.

The UE deems that Morocco’s autonomy plan “remains a crucial proposition that should be taken into consideration,” he said.

Landaburu added that an UN-sponsored political agreement between all concerned parties is the solution to settle the Sahara conflict.




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