Foreign firms show increasing interest in Morocco mass retail, OBG says   Leave a comment

8/04/3011: London – Foreign firms are showing increasing interest in Morocco’s mass retail sector, said International think-tank Oxford Business Group (OBG).

The entry of foreign companies in the Moroccan market would surely revitalize this sector, which sees an increasingly fierce competition, at a time when a growing number of private companies (domestic and foreign) are planning to gain a foothold or expand in Morocco, OBG said in an analysis received by MAP news agency.

The group recalled that in last March, the Turkish no-frills low-cost supermarket chain BIM announced plans to almost double the size of its existing store network in Morocco, from the current 45 to 80.

It has plans to further expand to 150 stores by the end of 2012, said the source, adding that while there is growing foreign interest in Moroccan mass retail, local companies are also increasing their clout in the sector.

“The [Moroccan] government is supporting the pursuit of large-scale shopping facilities. The Rawaj plan, launched in 2008, aims to treble large-scale retail capacity by 2020,” The OBG pointed out.

Some 56 large-scale retail outlets are due to open by 2012 alone, with the country boasting 600 such facilities by 2020, the group said, noting that the expansion of large-scale, modern retail outlets will likely result in a gradual change in habits in the years to come.

“With backing from the government in the form of the Rawaj plan and growing investment from both local and foreign players alike, the country’s shoppers look set to benefit from lower prices and greater choice on store shelves,” said the OBG.

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