Algerians spend 211 mln dollars on coffee per year   1 comment

Algerians consumed 119.4 thousand tons of coffee (or 2.5 billion litters) in 2010, with an import bill of $211 million.

According to the World Trade Centre, Algerians are ranked 33 in the world in terms of coffee consumption per individual, and second in the Arab region after Lebanese.
National Statistics Centre’s figures show that the North African nation’s coffee import bill hit 305 million dollars in 2008, before dropping in 2010 to 211 million dollars.
Imports of the first three month of 2011 reached 34 million tons, spending yet 17.3 million dollars.
Algeria imports all varieties of coffee. Cote d’Ivoire is the first coffee supplier to Algeria, followed by Vietnam, Indonesia, Brazil, Tanzania, Guinea and finally India.

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One response to “Algerians spend 211 mln dollars on coffee per year

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  1. I am a Brazilian roasted coffee supplier. How can I get in touch with genuine Algerian coffee importers to offer my products? Can you be of help?

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