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Developers of large-scale projects, such as the “Tunis Financial Harbour,” “Sports City,” “Sama Dubai” and the Swiss bio-mass fuel project, in Tataouine, voiced in a correspondence to the Planning and International Co-operation Ministry readiness to carry through their planned investments in Tunisia, after suspension due to the January 14, 2011 Revolution.

Planning and International Co-operation Minister Abdelhamid Triki said, during a news conference held on Wednesday in Tunis, that the Ministry set up a commission made up of the different concerned Ministries State Property, Transport and Equipment, Finance, Justice, etc. to study again these files.

The commission is also to be tasked with identifying means that would ensure the completion of these projects.

The Tunisian Government had concluded with foreign investors deals providing for the achievement of such mega projects as the Tunis Financial Harbour, whose cost is estimated at 5 billion dinars, and the Tunis Sports City project, by the “Boukhater Emirates” group, in the Tunis northern lake shore, and the Swiss bio-mass fuel project in Tataouine (acacia planting, financing and exporting wood), worth 900 million euros.

Mr. Triki pointed out that some projects have been suspended due to volatility of the business environment and lack of visibility for some investors.

Source: tap.info.tn


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