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6/06/2011 : ALGIERS- The first cars made in Algeria will see the light of day by the year 2014, announced Thursday CEO of the National Industrial Vehicles Company (SNVI) Mokhtar Chahboub.

“The first Algerian-made car will be produced by 2014, or maybe earlier,” Chahboub told the National Radio.

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Transport: US businessmen urged to invest in Algeria


ALGIERS- Minister of Transport Amar Tou on Monday expressed to US businessmen in Algiers “his support to their move for promotion of Algerian-US cooperation in the transportation field,” a ministry’s statement said. At a meeting with the US trade and investment mission to Algiers, the minister outlines “the numerous investment opportunities” in Algeria, especially under the five-year plan 2010-2014.

Tou mentioned the huge project for railways development, emphasizing the electrification planned for the whole railway network (4,000 km in operation and 6,000 km under construction).

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A U.S Trade mission visits Algiers for investment opportunities in various sectors


Algiers- A U.S.Trade and Investment mission of thirty businessmen visits Algeria on Saturday for a week of search for permanent investment opportunities in various areas of the Algerian market.

The U.S economic mission’s visit is organized by the Algerian Embassy in Washnigton DC and the US-Algerian Business Council .It consists of American companies operating in sectors of irrigation, construction, housing, energy, technologies of information and communication, food industries and technological services for protection.

Heads of largest American companies in various economic sectors visited Algiers on Saturday for a week of meetings and discussions with officials of the Algerian economic sector.

Head of the U.S-Algerian Business Council, Mr. Ismail Shikhoun said that meetings with the Ministries of Industry, Information and Communication Technologies, Water Resources, Housing, Energy and Transport, have been programmed in order to discuss investment opportunities in these sectors and to make proposals to the Algerian government.

The US economic mission’s program includes bilateral meetings in Algiers and Oran with Algerian businessmen in both public and private sectors and with officials of economic bodies such as the National Agency for Investment Development, Algiers and Oran Chambers of Commerce and Industry. A forum on investment opportunities will be held as well.

Previously in 2010, U.S Trade and Investment Mission visited Algeria three times. However, exchanges remain dominated by hydrocarbons, pushing the public authorities of both countries to seek for diversity by encouraging this type of economic missions.

Value of exchanges between Algerian and USA reached $16b in 2010, including $7.13b from Algerian exports to the United States and more than $1.2b of imports.


Algeria is the most attracting country of investments and money transfer in Africa: UN report


Algeria is one of the most African nations in terms of attracting direct investments and money transfer by immigrants in 2011, a UN report finds.

Algeria and other five African countries (Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, Sudan, Tunisia) attracted more than 75 percent of the total immigration fund transfers to the continent, said a report from the UN’s economic commission for Africa and the African Union.

“If the African continent generally benefited from direct foreign investments incomes, the problem is the issue of privileges distribution between the source economy and the receiver economy.”

The report called on African nations to “adopt a selective conception when accepting direct foreign investments to reach balance between direct foreign investments increase and sustainable national development.”

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Transport minister considers port project in country’s centre


ALGIERS- Transport Minister Amar Tou on Thursday said the building of a new port was under examination to relieve pressure on the ports of Bejaia, Tenes and Algiers.

The minister mentioned the project while answering an MPs’ question, at the People’s National Assembly (lower house of Parliament), about the possibility to transform the Port of Algiers into a marina due to the increase in commercial activity there. The new facility project is to be carried out between Bejaia and Tenes, Tou said.



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