Algeria-EU Partnership: Three twinning projects totaling 3.5 million euros   Leave a comment

Algeria – Five matches were launched earlier this year as part of the first stage of the Association Agreement P3A.

Of the three twinning projects prepared by the Programme Management Unit to support the implementation of the Association Agreement (P3A) between Algeria and the European Union, there were two for the sector economy. More specifically the energy and aquaculture.

Both projects, in addition to “a third dedicated to justice are provided with an overall budget of 3.5 million euros over 24 months consumables.” According to a briefing note P3A, taken by the APS, the selection of partner institutions, representing the states of the European Union (EU), should be soon. The first of three matches, with 1.23 million euros, covers the building of structures, powers and responsibilities of the Regulatory Commission of Electricity and Gas (CREG), under the Ministry of Energy andMines. It aims “to improve the quality of public services and regulation of electricity markets and gas in the Algerian consumer interest,” according to the note.

The Competition Directorate at the Ministry of Trade and the Competition Council, which must be reactivated before the end of the year should also benefit from this support. The second twinning project is on strengthening the capacity of the National Research Center for Aquaculture Development (CNDPA) under the Ministry of Fisheries and Fish Resources.

With a budget of 1.13 million euros, he put on “value of the organization, management and operational efficiency of CNDPA, as an essential decision support , “the source said. Several other institutional twinning projects to other departments and institutions Algerian being identified by the experts of P3A, advanced the same source. Five matches were launched earlier this year as part of the first stage of P3A.

Since its launch in May 2009, P3A has also managed to produce 24 technical assistance operations and Information Exchange (TAIEX), which are to encourage the exchange of knowledge and information, for a short time between Algerian officials and their European counterparts activating in the same area.

source: Elwatan (Zhor Hadjam)


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