Algeria: The completion of the Azeffoun shipyard to begin in September.   Leave a comment

Algeria – The partnership project between Algeria and South Korea, in furtherance of a construction and ship repair in the fishing port of Azeffoun begin in September, according to the CEO of the Company Algerian shipbuilding Sakomas, Mr. Nour Benaoudia, majority partner in this joint venture.

“Before the end of the year, we complete the construction of hangars and certification of the study,” he said, emphasizing the inauguration of the project, at the end of a pool by ripperDirectorate of Public Works of the wilaya of Tizi Ouzou, to receive the installation of a boom, with a roulev (lift straps) with a capacity of 300 tonnes.

The project will be financed by the company Sakomas, which owns 60% of the shares, with a contribution of more than 180 million dinars, while the South Korean side, represented by the shipyard Iljin provide equipment and engineering technology corresponding with the goal of building fishing boats of various sizes and dimensions (10-18 meters) and models for the construction of boats ranging from 20 to 30 meters including tuna, it was explained.

Its consistency is to achieve an area of ​​eleven hectares of a large boat building workshop, together with an area of ​​repair and maintenance with roulev, they added, noting that the “engine of engines built will be entrusted to the Korean company Hyundai. ” Its implementation, supported by EGPP-Bejaia (Enterprise management of fishing ports) intends to make the platform a cluster Azeffoun regional influence, in terms of construction, repair and maintenance but also boost any fishing activity in the region, and until Bejaia.

Wearing Azeffoun, producing year after year, some 2000 tonnes of fish farming in half (bream and bass) is distinguished by its specialization in seafood, including shrimp with annual returns of up to 500 tonnes.

This new investment, “will give him the opportunity to offer new ambitions,” according to Bouiche, CEO of EGPP-Bejaia, who noted the completion on Thursday, several support structures on the space of the port, enhanced by a fish auction, cold storage and a circle of fishermen. The commissioning of the fish auction, conducted by European standards of hygiene and traceability as well as in its management provided entirely electronically will change sales methods, preservation and packaging of fish, is scheduled upon installation of the electronic display, it was insured.

Azeffoun, located halfway between Bejaia and Tizi Ouzou, will be able to provide other advantages as well, and part of the dynamics of renewal that characterized the coastline, marked by the construction of two new fishing ports in the vicinity Tala-Ilef including, the receipt is expected this summer, and Blessed K’sila, whose kick-off is imminent.

Source: Liberte


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