Cement production in Algeria: 20 million tonnes by 2015   Leave a comment

Equipped with a budget of more than 150 billion dinars in the five-year program (2011-2015), companies in the cement sector are expected to produce nearly 20 million tons of cement in 2015.
Gica group has already “chosen partners to conduct this operation and there is currently finalizing contracts,” said a company official quoted by the APS. The investment plan shall include Gica expansion of cement production capacity by building new lines on the sites of five cement plants in operation, according to an official.

These companies cements Beni Saf (Ain Temouchent) of Zahana (Mascara) of Meftah (Blida), Ain Kebira (Setif) and Oued Sly (Chlef) that will produce an additional quantity of 8.5 million tonnes of cement per year. This will bring the public sector production of 11.3 million tonnes per year at present to around 20 million tonnes by 2015. Besides cement production, the development plan of the group plans to expand its activity to the production of aggregates and concrete ready. It consists in crushing nine units with a capacity of 7 million tonnes of aggregate (60% sand and 40% crushed gravel).

This production will be distributed between regions with 3 million tons, the center with 2 million tons, the West with a million tonnes and the Midwest with 1 million tonnes. In addition, investment in production of concrete ready (BPE) are intended to develop the product integration activities in the sector through the concrete embodiment in a first phase, three production units in the east, to the west and center.

Referring to the import of 1.5 million tonnes of cement launched in May 2010, the official indicated that it “has not been implemented because the need was not felt” , adding that this will happen “when necessary”. The industrial group has twelve public cement whose production was estimated from 1 January through May 2011 to 4,552,000 tons against 4,423,000 tons during the same period in 2010, an increase of 3%. In 2010, production reached 11.219 million tons against 11.513 million tonnes in 2009, down 3%.

source: Elwatan (Zhor Hadjam)


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