Cooperation in nuclear energy in Algeria: 22nd meeting of the Working Group in Algiers AFRA   Leave a comment

Algeria, one of the main founders of this legal instrument, will chair in 2012 of the 22nd meeting of the Working Group AFRA in Algiers.

The work of the 22nd meeting of the Technical Working Group of the Intergovernmental Agreement for Regional Cooperation re-search, development and training in the field of Science and Technology (AFRA) were opened yesterday in Algiers by the Minister of Energy and Mines Minister Youcef Yousfi. This meeting, attended by national coordinators of the 38 member states of the AFRA, representatives and guests of the IAEA and experts, is organized by the Atomic Energy Commission (COMENA), in collaboration with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).The Minister of Energy and Mines said in his speech that “this important event is of great importance both for Algeria than for all African countries parties to this important regional legal instrument.”

Algeria, one of the main founders of this instrument has always contributed to the development program for the Agency’s technical inter-national Atomic Energy Agency through the AFRA, stressed the minister, stressing that “we are willing to achieve the main objectives of the IAEA, which is to accelerate and expand the use of nuclear energy for peace, health and prosperity throughout the world. ”
This meeting will, said the minister “to give new impetus to the promotion of technical and scientific applications of nuclear energy in key areas such as agricultural development, improved management of water resources and improvement of health services, and the preservation of natural resources. ” “Algeria, which has always demonstrated its commitment to improving cooperation, is confident that this cooperation will help boost South-South cooperation,” he said with a call to non-members “join AFRA to strengthen regional cooperation.”
For its part, the director of the Africa Division in charge of technical cooperation to the IAEA, Ali Bousaha, noted the important role of IAEA in assisting and supporting members of AFRA to the implementation of development projects on the peaceful use of nuclear energy, particularly in the areas of agriculture, health, water resources, but also in management training. The president of AFRA, the Nigerian Franklin dared, insisted, meanwhile, the good cooperation between AFRA and IAEA for the implementation of regional projects for the application of nuclear energy areas to meet the needs of African people in health, water resources and energy …

AFRA National Coordinator, Director of Cooperation Comen, M. Merzak Remkes, highlighted in his speech the importance of this instrument was established in April 1990 by three African countries including Algeria, which currently has 38 member countries.

After noting that AFRA has a technical and scientific support from the IAEA, he stressed that the 22nd meeting will address the evaluation of activities undertaken by the management boards of the agreement during the previous year and the review of regional cooperation projects programmed in various nuclear applications.
Participants will also discuss and approve the new bilateral program 2012-2013.

After the meeting, the torch will be passed to Algeria, which will chair the AFRA for the year 2011-2012. This decision will be endorsed by representatives meeting in Vienna in September 2011 on the sidelines of the IAEA General Conference.



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