Water resources in Algeria: 96 barrages by 2016.   Leave a comment

Algeria – Water resources available to be mobilized in Algeria are estimated at 17.2 billion m3, of which 12 billion of resources surface and groundwater resources of 2 billion in the North and 5.2 billion m3 in the South (surface and groundwater) .

The outlook for water in North Africa and the Middle East and the relationship between desalination and renewable energy have been the subject of a workshop held yesterday at the Sheraton Hotel. Organized jointly by the World Bank and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of the Algerian government, this meeting aims to share the results of the regional study of the MENA countries on desalination and energyrenewable with relevant partners, ie the institutions could Republics and private, including academia and think tanks with a research interest in the water and energy in Algeria.

This is for stakeholders to identify areas of collaboration for ongoing studies in Algeria. “The case study will focus on topics like desalination and renewable ener-gy, but to a specific city,” said Dr. notably Bekele Debele Negewo, representing the World Bank.

He did not fail to mention the MENA countries facing critical strategic choices in the water sector. The current situation in this area has not been omitted. Speakers stressed that most of the water be-care is covered by fast depleting fossil aquifers, and from sources involving the recycling of waste water and desalination.

9 billion cubic meters in 2016

For his part, Mr. Messaoud Terra, representing the Ministry of water resources, said that Algeria will have by 2016 of 96 dams with a total capacity of 9 billion cubic meters. He noted that 64 dams are in operation throughout the country for a capacity of 7 billion cubic meters, against 44 dams with a capacity of 3.3 billion cubic meters in 1999. He said in this context that some projects are already underway, reaching a completion rate “very advanced”.

He also insisted on increasing the storage capacity of dams in operation for five next few years, which will not only enhance the security of drinking water availability but also to extend the area perimeters irrigated. The same official also noted that water resources available to be mobilized in Algeria are estimated at 17.2 billion cubic meters, of which 12 billion of resources in the shallow North 2 billion underground resources (north) and 5 2 billion cubic meters in the south (surface and groundwater). Mr. Terra was keen to stress that Algeria has largely exceeded the criteria of the World Bank in terms of access to drinking water, with a national rate of connection of more than 93%.

source: Elmoudjahid (S. SOFI)


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