Phosphate: Algeria aims to produce 10 million tons in 10 to 15 years   Leave a comment

The Minister of Energy and Mines Minister Youcef Yousfi, insisted yesterday in Bir El Ater (Tebessa) on enhancing the production of phosphate rock so that it can reach 10 million tonnes per year next 10 to 15 years.

An amount of 6 million tonnes, about 10 million provided for this deadline will be for the production of phosphoric acid, the minister added, noting that this increase in production is all the more necessary because of three million tons of phosphate rock to produce one million tons of phosphoric acid.

Local officials reiterated the mining sector, while inspecting one of the three quarries Djebel Onk, operator of phosphate deposits near Bir El Ater, pending the entry into production of a fourth career Oued Hadhba that the annual production of phosphate is currently around 1.5 million tonnes.

A figure that remains “far short” of the objectives set in terms of optimizing the exploitation of phosphate, especially as the reserves of phosphate rock near it, in this area, 2.2 billion tonnes, estimated do we. In this context, Mr. Yousfi said that to achieve the objectives set, it is necessary to “renew the production lines and to provide the various units of qualified and experienced staff.

He said in this regard, a portion of 400 engineers to come into training next September “will be assigned to the Somiphos Tebessa” company responsible for the management of phosphate mines in order to strengthen the technical supervision. The Somiphos currently employs 2,600 workers with 1,650 cadres between engineers, technicians and administrative staff. The phosphate rock extracted from quarries in the province of Tebessa will be transformed at a plant producing phosphoric acid in the project near the town of El Oued Kebri in the wilaya of Souk Ahras nearby.

The minister was also to preside at the site of the unit a working session with managers and employee representatives of this company before inspecting in the afternoon, the facilities of the terminal gas transport within the Sonatrach, always at Bir El Ater. A meeting with local executives of energy and mining is scheduled at the end of the afternoon at the headquarters of the province of Tebessa, at the close of the visit of Mr. Yousfi will visit today, in the wilaya Souk Ahras where he will inquire, in particular, the proposed plant to produce phosphoric acid at El Oued Kebri.



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