Technology parks in Algeria: Oran, Sétif, Annaba Ouargla and wait for their parks   Leave a comment

Cyberpark in Algeria – According to the provisional plan for 2015, the roadmap of technology parks is traced, according to a futuristic vision and the needs of the policy of ICT development in Algeria.
These mega-projects will therefore be a catalyst for innovation, but also a driving force of economic development, centered in the heart of one Cyberpark, which is that of Sidi Abdallah, who will be the cluster containing the center of the ICT ecosystem Algeria, reinforced by regional parks, whose contribution will focus on capacity-based industrial clusters in the regions of Constantine, Ouargla, Ghardaia, Sétif, Annaba and Oran.

For the latter, it should be noted that a plate of 11 ha in Bir El Djir, was released by the authorities of the wilaya of Oran, to carry out the techno-park. As for the technology park of Sidi Amar, Annaba, the realization of the project undertaken in the 2010/2014 year plan, since the approval of master plan by local authorities, the realization has grown up a gear with the signing a convention, December 13, 2009, the Ministry of Finance in the amount of MDA 200, relative to studies of techno-park of Sidi Amar.

In addition and for the current year, a program approval of around 1.28 billion DA is planned for the implementation of various actions that the redevelopment of existing buildings, because it should be noted that two CPE resolutions authorizing the transfer free of charge, for the benefit of ANPT, real estate and land over 16 ha, belonging to companies ensidic, and Procim Grebco, ex-Sider, for the realization of the techno-park. A PV for possession of the site was signed on 24 December 2010. The completion of these procedures led to the completion of several such actions, the development of management plan by the ANPT and the development of specifications relating to a study of expertise and others.

Although much remains to be done, however, the triple challenge of techno-parks, is very important because the state relies on its success, not only as a real estate project attracting a variety of occupants, but also its success as accelerator regional ICT sector, by encouraging greater investment in this sector on the one hand, and encouraging the expansion of existing businesses, on the other hand, while assisting at the birth of new firms.

As outlined by the mechanisms of an adequate economic and social development, these technology parks will create all conditions for development of national scientific and technical expertise in the production of software, services and equipment, with the objective of create a national industry of information technology and communication, which is a priority in the development strategy of the country at the end of 2015.

The new dynamics capable of supporting a new take-off of information technology and communication, relies on the construction of technology parks in the main areas of the country, Oran, Setif, Ouargla, including Algiers and Annaba. As an essential component of e-Algeria, techno-parks will contribute to strengthening national capacity for the sector up to speed on information technology and communication, for an adequate economic and social development .

As one of the key sectors in the economic and social development, ICT must join the ranks of new technologies, the promotion of research, whose benefits are guaranteed by multidimensional globalization.

As a result, the requirements imposed by the State as to good development is the creation of spaces to hold these mega projects, with multiple objectives. They should allow professionals and expertise to develop and promote synergy of information technology and communication.

These spaces will provide a quality working environment, with the creation of advanced infrastructure and incentives specific to ICT and, consequently, promote innovation and entrepreneurship through business incubators that will house, accommodation R & D activities of large ICT companies. In short, techno-parks are creating an ecosystem for a boost ICT in Algeria.

source: Lexpress (Wahida BAHRI)


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