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We devote our efforts and time   to spread the stones beneath your feet that separate between you and very lucrative international markets!

Even for the most successful business people, crossing borders and cultures can be a very humbling experience.There is no doubt that you are expert in your sector , that your product/service is excellent competitive attractive and profitable in a marketing matrix,  however when you enlarge the horizons of your geo-stragically targeted expansions , all your feasability , marketing and financial plans can be harmfully mistaken due to aspects to be monitored , calculated on time and cost factors basis .

The global business world is huge. But it is also very complex. No matter how good your product or service, and no matter how much it might be in demand, a growing maze of languages, laws and cultures stands between you and highly lucrative international markets.

Your product/service on its way to the international markets will face :

-First,  Border Barriers (Customs , logistic-related cost and time variations…)

-Second, Behind the border barriers (Sector/product llobying, time period for authorities to reply to applications, being unable to find the right local tools, contacts and data to build your strategy, future local production  or origin foreign manufacturing plans for specific market…).

Investment related measures (taxes, royalties, shareholding conditions, financial expertise on making benefit over Stimulus packages and export support measures reinvestment policies in some countries I.E in Algeria if you reinvest 100% of your 1st 5 years of activity government cut your taxes to half, exemption of payment of income tax for the first 5 years , exemption from payment of customs and duties,exemption from VAT payment,exemption of payment of Company benefit taxes, exemption from payment of Tax of professional activity 2% of CBT…)

-Third,Financial Tools and instruments to mesure and consolidate your growth, benefits and future investment plan and orientations.

Our mission is to break down those barriers and merge suitable instruments and guide you to benefit to the maximum from investment stimulating policies in Scandinavian and North african countries .We dedicate our effort and focus on these two markets so far  deeply unexplored bilaterally,

In a world economy continuing  to recover, you are certainly in the search of diversifying in a risk management matrix your coverage areas .With stronger GDP growth in the emerging economies (at 7.1% according to the IMF) and a less pronounced recovery in the industrialized countries (2.7%), New World Consulting  is aware of the urgent need of  european companies to penetrate emerging economies as well as for the emerging economies to benefit from the growth to step forwrard and enlarge their horizons, we finds markets for your products, your service, your expertise or your technology. We identify potential buyers in those markets, and help you through every stage of the business process, from initial contact to the ultimate sale and beyond.

Our key strength, aside from our experience , is a vast network of highly experienced associates whose professional skills are critical to international marketing success. We weave those skills into your marketing program on an as-required basis, providing you with a full, single-source global marketing service that is highly cost-efficient. At a moment’s notice, we can call on the expertise of top-quality lawyers, finance institutions, customs brokers, freight forwarders, insurance companies, management consultants and others … all of whom specialize in international business.


Posted December 30, 2010 by newworldconsulting

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