Based in Finland to focus and link mainly scandinavian markets to north african ones, in order to direct further parties and facilitate international trade and exchange between these two markets .
We offer services to importers- exporters as well as companies-investors wanting to expand in the named markets :
-From basic market Introduction to the deepest analysis.
Analyze Company’s Readiness to International Expansion
Advice on Most Appropriate Strategy of International Marketing and Trade.
– To follow the client in his marketing campaign providing the right tools for a specific type of product or service.
– Offer guidance,region -country-area market watch (competition,change in local regulations,rates, taxes, customer behaviour, transportation costs and modes…) .
– Find Sourcing Partners and Organize International Supply Chains.
Consult on Organization of International Trade Deals (Agreement, Customs Procedure, Transportation, International Payments risks…)
– Assess Risks and Calculate Returns from International Business Activity
– Build up a risk management strategies upon cost factor and data change studies.
– facilitate and structurate communication, information flow, meetings, negociations, between business parties.
– Offers representation in Scandinavia and north africa through self and partner companies.

Shipping assistance , including documentation, insurance, freight forwarding and customs clearance.

Logistical support , including short and long-term accommodation, temporary and longer-term work visas, as well as the location of office space, office provisions and office support services.

Training , frequently contract our services to work “in-house” with  clients, training staff in all international matters. In many cases, i’ve taken clients with zero international experience through various growth stages … right up to a full, internal international marketing department. , or to set up export seminars for the public.

– Negotiations ,I can also personally represent you in direct negotiations on contracts, including joint ventures and/or licensing agreements. Negotiating styles and strategies vary incredibly from country to country. We have the knowledge and experience to “do the deal” virtually anywhere in North African countries.

– Joint ventures and/or strategic alliances – To find foreign manufacturers who will pay royalties for rights to produce your product in their market. We can also arrange for you to partner with offshore companies in joint efforts to produce your products and market them throughout the world.

-Government liaison – On a “with” or “on-behalf-of” basis, we can help you stay in touch with key  government departments, and make sure key people in government stay in touch with you.

Foreign Business travel , Visa guidance ,filing, follow up, assistance on expatriation.

The Total Package – Some of our clients contract us to directly perform all of the above services. In effect, we become their international marketing department.


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